本文摘要:It has been a rough week for Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant, known for its televisions and tablet computers, acknowledged Monday that it expects its quarterly profits to be its lowest in three years. The world’s leading smartp


It has been a rough week for Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant, known for its televisions and tablet computers, acknowledged Monday that it expects its quarterly profits to be its lowest in three years. The world’s leading smartphone maker finds itself increasingly weighed down by a dual-front war in which its lucrative phones are losing ground to Apple’s iPhone at the high end of the market and an array of Chinese models at the low end.过去一周对于三星公司(Samsung)而言并不太平。这家以电视机和平板电脑闻名的韩国电子巨头于周一否认,上季度盈利预计将正处于三年来最低水平。这家全球领先的智能手机制造商发现自己更加陷于双线登陆作战的泥潭——其利润可观的手机业务在高端市场上正在大大败给苹果公司(Apple)的 iPhone ,而在低端市场上则于是以被中国的一大批手机品牌攻城掠地。“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” the company seems to be singing to its flagship Galaxy S5 phone. “Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”“我左边有小丑,右边有大小王,”该公司或许在为自己的旗舰手机Galaxy S5 而演唱,“我于是以受困在中间倒下。

”A Reuters report is more damning: “Many analysts and investors believe the best days are behind Samsung’s mobile division as it will need to sacrifice margins to keep cheaper Chinese handsets grabbing more of its turf, even though new products like the Galaxy Note 4 will help nudge profits higher in the current quarter.”路透社(Reuters)公开发表的一篇报导更为言之凿凿:“许多分析师和投资者都指出,三星旗下的手机业务部门早已道别了自己最幸福的时光,就算Galaxy Note 4这样的新产品将不会有助推高该公司本季度的盈利,它也仍然必须壮烈牺牲利润率,才能制止价位更加较低的中国手机偷走更好的地盘。”As that war wages on, Samsung seeks to start another as it looks to new revenue streams for growth—namely, by serving large businesses. On Tuesday, the company’s mobile division introduced a portfolio of business services that it believes will help it appeal to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. The package, called Samsung 360 Services for Business, includes software, services, and technical support. It’s intended to be a one-stop shop for businesses that seek to manage mobile devices in the workplace.随着手机市场的竞争在之后,三星企图发动另一场竞争。

为了提振业绩快速增长态势,该公司把目光改向新的收益来源——也就是向企业获取服务。周二,该公司的手机部门公布了一组企业服务,它指出这两组服务将有助更有全球各地的财富1000强劲企业的留意。这套解决方案被称作“三星360企业服务”(Samsung 360 Services for Business),内容还包括软件、 服务和技术支持,目标客户是那些想对职场内部用于的移动设备加以管理的公司,目的为他们获取一套一站式的服务。

For Samsung, which has long had enterprise-focused services but lacked a cohesive strategy, the effort is significant. In January, it hired Robin Bienfait, the former chief information officer of BlackBerry, to lead a newly formed team. “Samsung has been in the enterprise business for well over 15 years,” she told me. “In the past four-plus years, mobility as part of their portfolio has really gotten bigger and bigger. They’ve got a lot of partners and capability, but they really wanted a closer relationship with the enterprise customer.”三星在很久以前就发售了主要面向企业级客户的多项服务,但仍然缺少一套统一的战略,对它来说,这一次的行径具备最重要意义。今年1月份,该公司聘用曾任黑莓公司(BlackBerry)首席信息官的罗宾o比恩菲特来领导一支新的重新组建的团队。


“三星在早已在企业级业务市场上深耕了15 年,”她告诉他我说道,“最近这四年多来,移动性在他们的产品组合中所占到的分量觉得早已显得越来越重。他们享有大量的合作伙伴和涉及能力,但他们知道还想要与企业客户创建起一种更为紧密的关系。”Most businesses are at an “inflection point of transformation,” Bienfait said. They know they need technology to move into the future; they just don’t know where to begin or how to manage it.比恩菲特说道,大多数的企业都正处于“转型的拐点”上。他们告诉他们必须技术来协助自己踏入未来;他们只是不告诉该从何处著手或者如何加以管理。

For a long time, BlackBerry BBRY -3.15% —the former Research In Motion—and its ultra-secure services were the answer to this. But the company’s own mismanagement left it unable to capitalize on the trend. Samsung was one of the early winners in the rise of the modern smartphone; now that its devices are ubiquitous at home and in the office, it hopes to develop a more formal relationship with large organizations.很长时间以来,黑莓(公司原名为Research In Motion)及其超强安全性的服务仍然是应付这项问题的解决办法。但该公司本身管理疏于,造成无法充份借力于这一趋势。在现代智能手机的兴起过程中,三星曾多次是早期获益者中的一员;该公司的电子产品在日常生活和职场中均随处可见,因而期望更进一步与那些大型机构创建起一种更为月的关系。


Of course, so do other companies. IBM’s IBM -1.76% announcement of a partnership with Apple AAPL -0.87% —for many industry veterans, hell frozen over—in July signaled Cupertino’s interest in fostering a similar relationship (despite a lack of enterprise experience) and Armonk’s affirmation that it’s not in the business of making consumer hardware. BlackBerry CEO John Chen has since acknowledged that his now-small company was in search of partnerships for the same purpose. Microsoft MSFT -1.22% CEO Satya Nadella has been unequivocal in his embrace of the same target customer. On a quarterly earnings call in January, Google GOOG -2.36% CFO Patrick Pichette called its Enterprise group a strategic growth opportunity.当然,其他公司也有某种程度企图。今年7月份,IBM宣告与苹果公司创建合作关系(在许多业内资深人士显然,这项合作关系早已“几乎结冰”)。这指出,总部坐落于美国加州库比蒂诺的苹果也有兴趣培育类似于关系(尽管它缺少服务企业级客户的经验),而总部坐落于纽约州阿蒙克的IBM则证实,自己会专门从事生产消费电子类产品件的业务。

在那之后,黑莓首席执行官(CEO)程守宗也已否认,他掌理的这间如今已规模仍然的公司正在出于某种程度的目的谋求合作伙伴。微软公司(Microsoft)CEO 萨蒂亚o纳德纳也已具体指出,他也在盼望瞄准某种程度的目标客户。今年1月份的一次季度财报电话会议上,谷歌(Google)首席财务官(CFO)帕特里克o皮切特也将公司的企业级业务部门称为是战略性的快速增长机遇。

In other words, the war has only just begun.换句话说,企业级市场上的这场竞争才刚刚开始。Samsung will launch its 360 Services in “early 2015,” starting in the U.S. It plans to expand to Europe and Asia in short order. Until then, it will be engaged in a pilot program with financial services, health care, and government organizations that will last through the end of the year. Bienfait said the company comes to the negotiating table with three assets: first, the Samsung brand reputation; second, a cross-platform approach; and third, a promise to be entirely turnkey—no extra contracts necessary.三星将在“2015年初”发售这项360企业服务,第一站先定在了美国。该公司计划将此项服务很快扩展到欧洲和亚洲地区。在那之前,三星将与金融服务机构、 医疗保健机构以及政府机构积极开展一个试点项目,该项目将仍然持续到今年年底。

比恩菲特说道:三星在谈判桌上享有三大优势: 第一,三星的品牌口碑;第二,跨平台的合作方式 ;第三,包圆式解决方案的允诺——不必须客户签订额外的合约。“We don’t want to do all this ourselves,” Bienfait said, “but we want to be the hand to shake.”“我们并想靠自己来获取所有的这些服务,”比恩菲特说道,“但我们期望客户的必要接入对象是我们。